Promotion Partnership

The MOBs Lounge is interested in partnering with quality web sites in order to help each other grow businesses on the web. If your company is interested in partnering with us for free advertising at the MOBs Lounge, please email us with the following information

1. Your Company Name
2. Contact Name
3. State Biz Registered In
4. URL
5. Brief description: How you plan to promote MOBs Lounge.
6. How did you hear about us?

Please understand that we get many partnership requests and have to research each site before approval, so it may take some time to get back to you (plus we're all real moms!) but we'll do our very best so that we can all start growing together. It's time to start thinking about gearing up Christmas and the MOBs Lounge would LOVE to help you gain new customers now for better sales later!

How the partnership works:

We give you graphics and links that you can post on your web site and in newsletters. You encourage your visitors to visit the MOBs Lounge and join our free newsletter updates. Every new sign up that lists you as the referrer gives you one Ad Credit with us. You can then turn in accumulated credits for free ad space. Credits expire at the end of the calendar year. Credits have no cash value. If an ad is $30, you can use 30 Ad Credits to "buy" that ad space. Credits can be used toward the regular price of an ad and cannot be used to buy at reduced ad prices when we have occassional sales.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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