Two women were brought together by what they can only describe now as fate. One wasn't even a mom yet. They shared only a common interest in helping women succeed in business. Little did they know how much they'd come to rely on one another as moms, business women, and friends.

A few babies later...

Both women realized that each time they found a new friend, this friend had all boys. Sure, they both had long-time friends with a girl here and there, but each new friend was a mom of boys.
Then it happened...

The Queen Mum was at a playground she'd never been to. Another mom showed up with two boys. Then another mom with one boy. Then another and another. Soon there were 6 moms and too many boys to count (mostly because they wouldn't hold still). Once the Queen Mum realized this cosmic event she pointed it out to the others. All were amazed at the coincidence and could only chalk it up to needing to get the boys out of the house. Then the Mum exclaimed.."it's a MOB...were Mother's Of Boys!"

And so the idea was born. Mother's of Boys and their rambunctious little one's seem to have this cosmic glue holding them together for support and endless playdates. They share a kinship that is unique to a household on testosterone overload.

Realizing that being the "Queen" is a title that one should not bare alone, the Queen Mum officially formed MOBsLounge and invited her friends to be MOBsters. The purpose is to have a resource, outlet, support system and a place to find a bit of humor. Boutiques carrying great boy clothes has always been hard to find. As well as toys that can hold up to boys. So the Mum and her friends try out and review products, provide shopping guidance, and hopefully save you some money along the way. Not to mention forging more great friendships with Moms of Boys, because it does take a village to raise a child.
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